This Week

The objective of DISGUSTED OF TUNBRIDGE WELLS is to give the people of the Royal Borough a voice, and a powerful voice at that. In the past, it was one correspondent who wrote to THE TIMES and other newspapers expressing his opinion.He made the phrase famous. Now, all can share in the recognition our illustrious predecessor earned. Our aim is to offer you this opportunity in two different ways.

Your can write to us at [email protected] on any matter upon which your feel strongly. We will publish your letter on the THIS WEEK page. If we get several letters on the same subject, then we will edit these into one article, thus presenting the collective opinion. Unless you seek anonymity, we will publish your name as one of the authors. The same will apply to single letters. Members of the media are regular readers of THIS WEEK so what you have to say is seen where it counts.

In addition we will regularly carry out opinion polls or surveys of those of you who join our panel. Please click HERE if you wish to join. The results of these polls will not only be communicated to the media, but will often be commissioned by the media. Alternatively, such polls or surveys might be carried out on behalf of national or local government, industry or any group which wants to know what you think. Again, what you have to say will be seen where it counts.


Our editor is Ray Rodgers who began his journalistic career in Tunbridge Wells. He went on to became well known as a writer with national newspapers and as a television presenter. He has worked for publications such as the Daily Mail, the Mail on Sunday and The Observer and has broadcast for BBC radio. As a consequence, Ray's journalistic experience is extensive and he is ideally placed to make sure that our THIS WEEK page remains topical, informative and, in particular, controversial.
Peter Martin is in charge of all our surveys. Peter has been commissioning and carrying out surveys for many years and has worked with the some of the biggest names - and smaller ones - across a range as varied as the automotive industry, telecoms, technology, entertainment and electronics. A marketing strategist, he recognises the need for a fast and affordable market research solution for businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes. He is Deputy Chairman of the Tunbridge Wells branch of the Business Referral Exchange He is also a director of SHAPE-THE-FUTURE the market survey organisation.
Joe Mallion is our Information Technology Manager and does all of web design and behind the scenes coding. Joe currently works for an Web Design company in Tonbridge as the head web developer and has taught himself all of the coding and design skills he uses on the site. If anything ever goes wrong on the site then Joe is the man that has probably caused it.