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Fed up with (or “OF” if you’re a pedantic twit)  fictional  TV progs,  films and novels running plots where the main female character, or lesser female roles in sub-plots, has been abused/sexually assaulted/generally duffed up or whatever else men are frequently accused of doing to women.

Tired of the fact that, so often, these carefully crafted but irrelevant background details have nothing whatsoever to do with the main plot and are, quite often, thrown in simply to satisfy the warped beliefs of the covens?

Help is at hand, and from a lady who is as pissed off with this kind of misleading crap as most women and virtually all men.

Bridget Lawless is the gal, a screen writer who is behind The Staunch prize for the best book to be published without resorting to the same old feminist propaganda thought by so many women writers to be necessary to appease the man haters.

Entries for the prize, which is £2000, close on July 15 (15/07/18)

One of the guilty ones parked her broomstick up long enough to describe the competition as “the least feminist thing ever.” Stick around baby!






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