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Witsended BBC news programmers are working on a revolutionary new editorial policy to stop in their tracks MP’s refusing to answer direct questions.

They plan to implement a shock “two strikes and your out” interrogation system, and the flag ship radio 4’s TODAY will be the test bed.

Journalists will warn a waffling Commons clever dick who responds to such questions with deviations such as “the question you should ask is” or “what I would like to point out first” that he/she/it will get just one more chance to to give a clear cut, positive reply.

Failure will mean that such  peddlers of misinformation will be kicked out of the studio and not even given time to finish their coffee .

A spokesman for the BBC said that there is no other way to deal with the problem which is under increasing criticism from the listening public.

“We get almost as many complaints about this as we do about our continuity announcer and news reader Neil Nunes” said a spokesman. “Some drastic action has to be taken.”

Mr Nunes is the refugee from the World Service whose ludicrous foreign accent has been upnosing Radiio 4 fans.









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