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It takes a lot to upset the English but messing with the Queen is one of those things that is simply not done.

Walking in front of her whilst inspecting  troops would have got a lesser mortal banged up in The Tower but then telling a journalist what she had said over tea?

That could get you penal servitude for life in one of the colonies or most certainly never again tea with Her Maj at Windsor.

Trump is a joke, but he  ceased to be such when he pulled these stunts whilst in England and prior to meeting Putin. The laughter ceased. Even hard bitten anti-Royalist Republicans were saying he’d crossed the line.

On a more serious note, are Americans aware of the damage he is doing to both the Presidency and the US with his outbursts and his general behaviour?

It is bad,  so bad (sorry about that!) that the prestige of the office and the respect and admiration for the country are being undermined in such a way. But some good has come out of this brief visit to the UK. We all now know for sure that he is an unadulterated lier.

Trump gave an interview to the UK’s Sun newspaper. As usual, he said things he should not have said. When the rest of the media attacked him, Trump tried to defend himself by saying that what was published was false news.

It was not. The whole interview was taped and every comment made by Trump was recorded and faithfully printed by The Sun.









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