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Another day of shock, horror, wringing of hands and grinding of teeth as yet more statistics about the mental health problems of girls and young women hit the headlines.

All sections of the media have picked up on the main statistic of  a survey which has declared that 25% of young females – mainly teenagers – are self harming.

The question being asked of anyone prepared to stick their neck out and try to answer it is very simple. “Why?” The answers continue to grow more complicated and range from blaming anti-social media – still referred to by many as the “social media” – through to bullying at school.

Few  “experts” – certainly female ones – dare to proffer another possible explanation which deserves consideration and can be summed up in one word. Feminism. The sort of new wave feminism that tells young females that anything they desire can be achieved.

The very movement is based on an entirely false premise.  That any woman is the equal of any man. This is such cretinous nonsense that it is really not worthy of comment yet the mantra is repeated over and over to boost the expectations of the impressionable.

There is a very good reason why more men than women achieve high office in industry such as CEOs of major companies. Fewer women than men are good enough.

In the military, statistics are building that women being trained to do the job of men in the front line are failing their courses due to not just physical problems, but mental problems. That ludicrous claim that they are better at multi tasking than men has gone by the wayside where training as pilots of modern fast jets are concerned. Few women can achieve the high degree of multi tasking that is needed.

The fact is that to say any women is the equal of any man is no more true than  to say that any man is the equal of any other man. The trouble is that young females believe that the oyster of the world is about to be opened to them and, as the truth slowly dawns, their natural predisposition  towards mental disorder kicks in.









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