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One of the most retrograde steps ever taken with established English law was to allow women to retain anonymity in court whilst making whatever outrageous and  false accusations they care to make against men, including rape.

Now ultra-feminists and the politically correct brigade who cow-tow  to them want the alleged perpetrator in a domestic abuse case to lose the right of cross examination of the accuser.

At the same time, under the proposed  new Domestic Abuse Bill, anyone who has been jailed for a qualifying offence  will have to submit to a polygraph test before they are released on licence.

For centuries it has been the right of an Englishman, who finds himself in court accused of any crime, to know both the identity of his accuser and to personally question that accuser.

Towards the end of the last century women were given the cloak of anonymity when alleging sexually related offences, by feminist sponsored perverse law making, allowing them to give false witness and procure injustice whilst sheltered by not being identified.

Now, having secured this huge advantage for themselves when crying rape, they want the scales of justice to be swung even more in their favour by limiting the ability of their victims falsely accused of domestic violence to defend themselves.

Where rape is concerned, a third of young men accused of the offene are found not guilty. There is no doubt that juries, seeing how the stakes are loaded against defendants, are reluctant to convict. The brand of extreme feminism that breeds in our universities has convinced itself that other factors, such as collusion between the police and the Prosecution Service, are at fault.

Women have brought on themselves this reluctance on the part of juries not to convict. They fail to see this and the other and more obvious reason – that the not guilty verdicts are because the men are indeed “not guilty”

They will not countenance for a single second  that accusers will lie, probably to get even for some imagined misdeed or somehow to salve their consciences for acts with which they had originally agreed. There is a single and obvious answer to this injustice

For giving false evidence, for perjuring themselves, they should be charged with perverting the course of justice for which there are lengthy prison sentences. They should also be ordered to pay costs to their victims. This will give them equality with men.

Either this, or men – the innocent victims of so many false charges – should also be given anonymity.

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