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Very few people can not help but feel shocked when they see recent pictures of the haggard face of Sir Cliff Richard, the man with the seemingly perpetual youthful looks who brought so much pleasure to millions with his song writing and singing.

He was turned from boyish looking to an old man almost overnight when he was named and shamed by first the BBC and then the whole of the media in connection with alleged sex crimes for which he was never charged, never appeared in court, and of which he is entirely innocent unless and until he is proven guilty.

Now he has joined others** who have faced similar outrageous and false accusations in petitioning Parliament for a change in the law. He has a fight on his hands.

What he wants is for it to be made illegal for anyone accused of a sexual offence to be named before they are charged. Simple, natural justice most people would think, But not feminists.

They can make whatever charges they want against a man and remain unidentified and are up in arms over Sir Cliff’s demands as it may jeopardise their totally unfair and unjust privilege.

Band wagoner Rachel Krys, of the End Violence Against Women Coalition is quoted as saying:”Very few rapes tend to result in convictions and there is a very real risk this would make it worse. This would have a chilling effect on victims’ ability to seek justice”.

Had she used the phrase “rape allegations” rather than the single  condemnatory word “rapes” her claim would be slightly less one sided and anyhow she should be more honest about the real reasons for so many rape trials collapsing.

With a growing number of women MP’s in Parliament it is to be hoped that a law giving equal rights to men is passed soon before their voting power outweighs natural justice.

**The organisation that Sir Cliff has joined is FAIR – Falsely Accused Individuals for Reform


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