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Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells was the nom de plume of a prolific writer of letters to the “Thunderer” – the London Times – during the first half of the 20th century. His alias became almost as widely known as the title of the Fleet Street newspaper itself, and was synonymous with diatribe. He delivered scathing attacks on organisations and individuals that came to his ultra-critical attention.

He was self opinionated and convinced of his own infallibility. He was the quintessential Englishman. But what marks him out in particular is that, despite being regularly published, he was never identified, and his real name remains a mystery to this day. He was simply “Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells”.

Popular opinion was that he was a retired Colonel of the Indian Army who had subsequently held high office in the Civil Service, hence the fact that the Times editor agreed to allow him anonymity. He was of course, the ideal candidate for retirement in Tunbridge Wells That he is by now long gone to his final resting place is without doubt. But his spirit lives on.

If you wish to make any comment on any of the stories on the7footpigeon or the news/comment pages then please follow the prompts at the bottom of each story. In keeping with the letters our illustrious forbear wrote you may be as disgusted as you please but not disgusting. If you wish to write a letter not connected with any of the published stories, then please go to contact.

The Editor. April 23rd 2006 – St George’s Day

 I was disgusted with him and if I had an opportunity, should have been glad to tell him so. “Moon and Sixpence” 
by W SOMERSET MAUGHAM  1874-1965


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