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Lorraine Candy, Editor in Chief:”Alison – how the hell did this get past you?”

Alison Thomson. Chief Sub-Editor::”Well, it seemed OK.”

“It seemed OK. Are you mad? It says ‘It used to be tequila and no knickers and sex on the stairs’. Is it any bloody wonder we’re inundated with complaints about gross sexism.”

*So the article itself was about things you do when you are younger”.

“I don’t give a flying whatsit what the article was about. We are inundated with complaints, including some household names,The legal department is going ape. They say for us to publish a man coming out with this sort of filth is not only sexist but possibly actionable as obscene. I  may have to sack Toby Wiseman as the only way out of this mess.”

“Why Toby? He didn’t write the piece. It was in a piece written by Claudia Winkleman.”

“Oh, that is different. A woman is obviously entitled to reminisce about her sex life when she was younger”.

Factual note. Of the 26 editorial staff of the magazine, 25 are women. The Sunday Times claims to be an equal opportunities employer. Toby Wiseman is one of the male contributors and is editor of “Men’s Health”. The article by Claudia Winkleman was published on page 5 of  Style  








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  1. Bit of a jokey way to go about a serious subject. I couldn’t understand it at first. I am very surprised to see just one man on the editorial board of so many women. This is letting the side down. On your main point – I’m a strong feminist but I wouldn’t object to that sentence written by a man in that context.

  2. I see totally what you’re getting at but come on , men have lost the fight for equality with women. And why would you not have women running a woman’s mag? They are better journalists than men. I presume you are a man from what you write. Get with it mate.

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