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The lady and the bitch

When the dust has settled and we are free of those devious, self serving two faced blighters in Brusells and their lackeys – the Presidents and Prime Ministers of member states of the EU – the names of two women will stand out in the aftermath of the chaos of Brexit.

One is the most gutsy leader and lover of this country that we have had since Churchill and that is Theresa May. The other is the Guyanese born Gina Nadira Singh, known better by her married name of Gina Miller, and the 43-year-old bitch in question directly responsible for the greatest turmoil among politicians that anyone had thought possible.

She it was who, with no mandate from the British people, went to the High Court in 2016 to argue that the Government – which does have a mandate from the British people – had no authority to implement Brexit without approval from Parliament.

A narrow majority of the court – described by many as “traitors” – agreed with her and thus started the near collapse of our democracy and the rule of Government and has led to a mistrust of MP’s by the electorate, that might well live on for decades.

No one will ever forget today’s masterful and poised address to the Nation by our Prime Minister, just one day after the disgusting performance of most of the European leaders who queued up to insult her to her face outside the conference hall in Salzburg.

Her message to them, which the majority of us endorse, was “get stuffed.

Just a few hours earlier, the Miller woman was also speaking to the public via the BBC radio 4 today programme, repeating her mantra that there should be another National Referendum and insulting us by saying that we didn’t know what we were voting for in the first.

Mrs May will always be remembered for her rousing speech today, assuring the Europeans and us that there will be no second referendum. Miller will be long remembered as the traitor in our midst.





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