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Whatever the outcome of the dreadful mess of the parliamentary Brexit debate, and whether or not its actual implementation brings success or disaster, two essential institutions of the United Kingdom will have been terribly damaged. Whether we voted leave or…

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There are three things for sure about the "silly woman" jibe by the elderly dwarf Marxist leader of HM's opposition in the House of Commons. One thing that is totally indubitable is that the grey haired old commy said "silly…

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Three cheers for Laura Smith! This is the harridan who, on the penultimate day of the Labour Party love in - that would be their annual conference - got to her feet and gave it both blazing red barrels, screeching…

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BB does it again

Big Bad Boris is in the sticky stuff again. Writing in the Daily Telegraph, he's described women wearing the burqa as "weird" and "ridiculous" and "looking like letter boxes" or "bank robbers". I personally disagree with him on one point.…

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