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I have the very greatest respect for the former Chief Rabbi of the UK Lord Jonathan Sachs and I have very little regard at all for the current leader of the Labour party, the weaselly little Marxist  Jeremy Corbyn.

If there is any particular difference to draw  between them it is that, like most Jewish people or certainly the ones I have met. the  former has a love for this country that he has often expressed and  I have never heard the latter do the same.

However, I would urge Lord Sachs to study his history before likening the weasel to that loyal and brave Englishman no longer here to defend himself  – the late Enoch Powell.

Apparently. some 5 years ago, Labour’s top dog referred to British Jews as “Zionists” and said they had no sense of irony. Somewhat belatedly catching up on this, Lord Sachs has countered by saying that this was racism in the extreme and akin to Enoch Powell’s so called “Rivers of blood” speech in 1968. Bollocks M’lud.

Enoch Powell did not use such a phrase when warning of  what he saw as the dangers of over immigration of black people of Afro-Caribbean descent. And, even if he did, the foreboding he certainly expressed has been proven correct.

The stabbings and shootings by black youths in many of our cities has put blood on our streets and pavements and, were he alive today, possibly even Enoch Powell  would be surprised and horrified at the extent of the killings.

As for Corbyn accusing Jews of not understanding irony, what a total twerp. The Jewish sense of humour is known and enjoyed throughout the world and it is full of irony and self-deprecation, something which the British people share with them and a reason for them being able to integrate so successfully.











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