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BB does it again

Big Bad Boris is in the sticky stuff again.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, he’s described women wearing the burqa as “weird” and “ridiculous” and “looking like letter boxes” or “bank robbers”. I personally disagree with him on one point.

My image of a bank robber is someone who wears tailored suits and shirts, works in The City, lives in a multi-million mansion in the sticks, and whose getaway driver is his helicopter pilot.

Otherwise, our former Foreign Secretary and favoured British politician of The Donald is bang on. The trouble is, he’s not talking about all women, but Muslim women, and that is a no go area in the nanny knows best, one word and you’re a racist, Politically Correct state we live in.

As one might have expected, the racist nonsense with which Boris Johnson has been bombarded comes a lot from the back stabbing bastards of his own Tory party and, to some extent, from the Muslim community, although a good many of them have supported his sense of humour and asked what all the fuss is about.

To those Muslims who have attacked him, I would say this. You can’t have a multi-racial society if you insist on drawing attention to yourselves by looking and behaving totally different to the rest of us.

And please don’t try and fool the rest of us – and yourselves – by claiming that the mode of dress under discussion here and in many other countries is ordained by Allah or the Prophet.

Muslim scholars insist there is no record anywhere of such an edict, and, particularly, there is no such edict in the Koran.

To BB I say “get with it” old son. To use the term “Letter Box” in this context is a very old joke indeed. For example, it was used by British troops in Aden as long ago as the early 50’s and almost certainly a long time before that.

And please, please, whatever you do DO NOT apologise.








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