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The eccentricities and idiocy of some of the feminists in our society never cease to  amaze but, fortunately, also to cause amusement for the rest of us – both men and certainly other women.

This blog seldom comments on issues involving Tunbridge Wells itself as, like its illustrious forebear, it ponders more on national and often international matters, but the activities of one Karen Constantine  are worthy of  wide publicity.

Sean Holden is a councillor of the Royal Borough and also serves on Kent County Council where he stands accused by Ms Constantine, another county councillor, of sexism.

His offence? In a debate on the importance in nature of pollination, he described bees as the “pin up girls” of pollinating insects, which brought a stinging attack from Ms Constantine.

Indeed, it can be said that it was a knicker twisting moment for her who described the metaphor as a “sexist stereotype” and now wants to waste more time with “mandatory equalities training” for elected officials.

With such a stalwart guardian of wimmin’s rights on his case, Mr Holden may well consider himself fortunate not to be posted on the Sexual Offender’s List.

Meanwhile, a brief  chastisement  for Ms Constantine, who will hopefully forgive the possible sexual innuendo.

If for no other reason, her tantrums have attracted the attention of this blog because she described Mr Holden’s harmless metaphor as “disgusting” a word considered  by some to be sacrosanct and not to be used to promote childish views.


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