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What have The Donald and Greta got in common?

The answer is  that neither has a clue as to what they are talking about and the tosh they come out with is more of a clear and present danger to civilisation than the threat of global warming itself

Both are creating a false sense of security over climate change, either by persuading people that it just isn’t happening or that it is but that we can do something about it.

Where Trump is concerned, you first have to wonder if even he could be so stupid as to deny global warming is happening. Does he really mean this, or is he actually playing some political game for home consumption, for example, to save the American coal industry.

Surely he does not really believe that the planet’s climate is not changing when all the evidence is to the contrary. Or is it that he is as moronic as he often sounds?

Where Greta Thunberg is concerned she is, quite obviously, neither stupid nor moronic. For example, she is a very good public speaker and getting better all the time. But she shares with the Donald what appears to be a total lack of understanding of the truth.

She has perhaps missed too much schooling to have learned the details of our planet’s history.Global warming is happening, just as it has happened before, and by preaching that man is responsible and therefore man can stop it, she is doing as much harm as Trump. She is giving hope where no hope exists.

What is the actual truth of global warming? Very briefly, there have been at leas 5 major ice ages   throughout earth’s history. The earliest was over 2 billion years ago and the most recent one –  the one we are in at the moment – began 3 million years ago.

The most simple of Newton’s laws of physics is that for for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Ice ages, or glacial periods  to use the scientific description, come to a halt because of the opposite reaction. Global warming.

We are currently in what is called a warm “interglacial” meaning the glaciers are melting and this began about 11 thousand years ago.  Just a tad before the industrial revolution, the Model T Ford, jet aircraft and wood burning stoves..

The earth has been entirely ice free  in between the ice ages,  even at very high altitude,  and such periods are known as “green house periods”. What causes them?

This can be pollution caused by the green house periods,  a significant increase in  solar radiation,  changes in the earth’s orbit and a tilt in the earth’s axis by plate tectonics, melting permafrost releasing vast  amounts of methane gas, The disappearance of trees, vegetation and seas and thus failure to “capture” carbon, huge volcanic eruptions, or collisions with asteroids.

All of these phenomena,a bar the last, are evidenced in ice cores taken from the north and south poles, the most reliable source of information about the frequent climatic changes of our Earth. That this has happened in the past is as indisputable as the fact that is going to happen in the future,




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