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What a tragedy the totally boring story about Prince Harry and his American missus has been for the British media and particularly the BBC.

For literally years the Brexit saga had preoccupied them all  and, because none of them really knew what was going on and therefore what they were talking about, speculation led to pure guesswork which led to fake news and the whole degeneration of our media, together with our democracy, was up and running.

Then, some degree of order took over with a new Government with a majority and  able to make Brexit a Parliamentary decision no longer up for daily inquisition,  and it looked like real news would be the order of the day and fake news out as there was no call for it. Well, almost out.

Then along comes Harry and Miss Pushy and once again no one knows what is really happening so they have to speculate to fill the hungry beast of 24-hour coverage with fake news again.All the signs are there.

TV reporters doing “stand ups” with Buck House in the background in an attempt to add credence to the nonsense being spouted. BBC Royal Corespondents mouthing “according to my sources ” – ie an amalgam of rumours – and tabloids and broad sheets alike cobbling together every near beer fact and pure invention.

But why? Do they really think that the general public have any more interest in these Royal goings on than they had in the Brexit saga? Certainly not. Journalists, whatever the public think about them, are not that daft.

It is another media frenzy where each outlet is competing with the others to get more news out there, fake or otherwise, and Auntie is again sucked in. But should we be disturbed or even surprised?

After all, in the dark days of WW2,  the BBC was a broadcaster of fake news. Only then, it had a different name. It was called propaganda  but it can be argued that was in the public good. Miss America and the hen pecked Prince are not.


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