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Why is it that a foreigner is allowed into this country with the declared intention of spreading dangerous propaganda and persuading the most impressionable members of our society to break the law?

It is illegal in Britain for children to stay away from school and parents who condone or encourage such behaviour can go to prison.

Yet Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg – made famous by playing truant herself to publicly express her arrogant dogma on climate change – is quite deliberately persuading our children to play hooky and their parents to go along with this.

She may be a sad little girl  with a history of mental illness who quite obviously knows nothing about climate change, but she should be banned from further visits unless she undertakes not to hold open meetings in public or at least to only hold them on days when our children are not meant to be at school.

Perhaps  youngsters would be a tad reluctant to attend her meetings if it means giving up their weekends in their bedrooms fixating on their mobile phones!

Climate change is inevitable. We are not responsible for it. It is likely we are exacerbating it. Whether or not we can slow it down remains to be seen. But we can not stop it, any more than Canute could stop the tide coming in.

If Greta had spent more time at school rather than sprouting dribble, she would perhaps know this. She must not be allowed to prevent our children from being taught the truth.

NOTE. See also “What have The Donald and Greta got in common”. News/Comment 27/01/20



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  1. Well said DotWells. I’ve not seen a comment like this in any other part of the media and you a re so right. Why was this moon faced little —- (Edited) allowed in when the Government and police knew exactly what she was planning?

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