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For some it is a facility for obtaining justice against men who sexually abuse women. For others it is a web site encouraging lies and false accusations against men with the intention of destroying their lives and even obtaining financial compensation, either from “hush” money or official Criminal Damages schemes.

It is called MeToo by its users and the Band Wagoners  Charter by those who recognise its dangers or who have actually fallen victim to its activities.

One who claims he is such a victim is Australian actor Geoffrey Rush who has won  a court case with major damages for defamation by the Sydney Daily Telegraph. The paper called as a witness an actress called Eryn Jean Norvill whose evidence supporting its story that she had been sexually assaulted by Rush was dismissed as lies. What has this to do with MeToo ?

Whilst the case was running in Australia, another Australian actress – Yael Stone – came out in classic MeToo support of Norvill giving lurid details of alleged sexual assault of her by Rush which he has also vehemently denied.

Stone is now likely to face legal action in Australia for defamation as is publisher MeToo and, in any event, MeToo has been further discredited as well it deserves.

MeToo has become the “go to” internet platform for any disgruntled female to publish often imagined or certainly grossly exaggerated accusations against men. Should it be taken down? It is argued that it can be a force for good for women with a genuine grievance . But it can also be a force for tremendous harm, and not just to men.

The covens should consider the harm it also does to girl friends, sisters, wives and mothers.

Every time MeToo publishes unsubstantiated accusations against an individual, then it and certainly the author should be taken to court. If found guilty, there should be heavy fines/imprisonment and the innocent victims awarded suitable damages.

The courts are the only suitable place for accusations of sexual assault to be heard, not some jumped up  irresponsible band wagon set up by the sisterhood to demean and damage men

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  1. This is quite a well reasoned argument but I’d like to know – how many examples of false accusations do you know about?

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