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To beat knife crime in London there is only one thing to do.

The Government must go ahead immediately with a series of massive intelligence led “stop and search” blitzes specifically and openly targeting Afro-British youths and young adults.

These are the people most likely to be carrying weapons, There is absolutely no point in patting down an old white lady with a miniature poodle simply for the sake of appearances

With the Metropolitan police depleted as they are, thousands of extra officers should be regularly bussed in from other forces to saturate known trouble spots and  stop all likely offenders.There are already well thought out plans for dealing with other emergencies to bus in up to 10,000 at short notice whenever needed.

We must stop poncing around with slavish commitment to muddle headed political correctness and avoidance of positive of action due to  fear of accusations of racism.

And  we must ignore those who blame  knife crime on everything but  the real cause – BLACK DRUG GANGS.- and who play the  race card every time someone tries to do  something about it.

The cancer of knife crime has little or nothing to do with lack of education, lack of job prospects, lack of fathers in families or lack of recreational facilities, poor housing and the myriad of other excuses for criminal behaviour in the young black community.

It is all to do with money and kudos. The money brings the black BMW’s and gold watches and medallions, sharp suits and other outward signs of wealth and subsequent “respect”.

Send knife carriers to prison for sure. But above all, confiscate their cars and adornments and empty their bank accounts unless they can prove where their money has come from.Laws are already in place to do this. And if they repeat their offence – bang them up for a long time.

However, what we must remember is that it is only a minority of Afro Britons  who are to blame for the drugs, gang and knife problem. When stopped, suspects must be treated with every courtesy by the police. The youths must remember who stands to gain the most.

It is the black community as a whole but particularly its younger members, for they  who are the daily victims of their rogue elements.

Innocent young men will be stopped and searched and  probably over again. They may be embarrassed and angry but they will stay alive.



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  1. First time I’ve seen it told like it is! I’ve never heard any politician say this. But then, it’s the truth.

  2. What a load of racist crap. Do rally believe that it is only black people attacking each other with knives. You really should check your facts

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