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There is a sentence at the end of this paragraph. It is in quotes. When you read it, think immediately and without reflection of how you interpret it. Do you think that the person speaking the sentence is telling the truth, part of the truth, or is that person telling a lie. Here we go:”I am 100% sure”.

So, what was your immediate reaction? If you are like many other people you will have decided that, at the very least, the person is not absolutely sure of the truth of what they are saying and certainly not 100% or, at the most, the person is telling a deliberateĀ  lie.

Christine FordĀ  is the woman who has accused US Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of having tried to rape her at a party when both were in their teens – around 35 years ago!

Christine Ford is the woman who put on a class act of still being in trauma at a non-judicial hearing of the details of the alleged offence, despite there not only being not a shred of evidence that it took place but indeed a good deal of evidence to the contrary.

But she was trying this on before an audience of many lawyers. They asked her was she sure of her evidence. She replied she was – 100%

Those lawyers had already declared that what evidence she did try to introduce was hearsay but it will not be just this fact that will bring about total disbelief in her story and dismissal of her accusations.

As any police officer, lawyer, journalist or other inquisitor will tell you, a person who says they are”100% sure” is almost certainly anything but.







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