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At the time of writing, there are some 14 Tory MP’s who have put their names forward as the next leader of the party and therefore Prime Minister. More than one of them is saying that if they become Prime Minister, they will take us out of the EU, deal or no deal.

Whilst this is yet more evidence that the whole lot of them have gone further round the bend, it raises a worrying issue that needs resolving.

All are making promises, which, according to at least two of their colleagues interviewed on the BBC recently, they KNOW they may not be able to  keep and which – in some instances – they have no intention of  keeping.”It’s just normal electioneering” said  one. Ye Gods, what a damning statement.

Why do we let them get away with this criminal behaviour, for criminal it most certainly is. Just for starters it is fraud, the legal definition of which is intentional deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain.

If nothing else, gain in this instance is the extra salary they get as a Prime Minster rather than as a Back Bencher

Fraud is certainly the charge if any of us lie in order to, for example, get a job or advancement. But for an MP to make promises he or she  doesn’t keep should bring a far more serious charge – malfeasance or misconduct in public office. Both fraud and this latter offence carry heavy prison sentences and both could mean at the least deselection.

Most MP’s use weasel words when trying to ingratiate themselves with their listeners. They will say “what I would like to see” or “I think what should be done”. They fool a lot of people into believing that they intend to do what they say needs doing. Statements like these are construed by many as a promise of action but they are not.

Those MP’s who make emphatic promises should be obliged to put such promises in writing so there can be no confusion between saying what they would like to do and what indeed they intend to do. At the very least, they should write and publish a letter of intent.

“Brexit means Brexit” is a classic statement of opinion but not of intent. But an MP who lies and cheats their way into the office of Prime Minster by saying categorically they will take us out of Europe by October 31st but then does not keep their word, should be indicted.

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