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Yes, it has finally happened. Just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get worse that appalling, misbegotten shower of incompetents we have been landed with as MP’s has come up with a dilly.

They call it “indicative voting” and it is a first. Unprecedented, they proudly claim. Ye gods, after nearly 3 years of tumult and with the nation in its biggest crisis since Suez or probably WW2 they start experimenting.

The plan is that they will fill in bits of paper spelling out or “indicating” what terms they individually want applied to Brexit and to hell with what our Prime Minister has agreed with the EU. Never mind that just a few days ago they came up with a nonsensical, mind blowing plot to accept Mrs May’s proposals if she resigns. Can you believe it? “I totally reject your plan but I will go along with it if you bugger off”.

However, at least we thought, they can’t cap this. And now they have.

What has happened here is that, after more or less standing still since most of us voted Brexit and concentrating only on knocking down all proposals  from Government and failing to put up any of their own, Parliament wants to try out a scheme which, within hours of it being mooted,  many of them were admitting it probably wont work.

To paraphrase the only statesman we have had in some 70 decades – never has so little been achieved by so many over such a long period.

I wonder how many Britons are beginning to consider if it would be better to stay with the EU and accept total control by what will  become a federal state with direct rule from Brussels, and thus avoid ever again having to vote for another useless bunch of MP’s to misgovern us and ruin our lives.

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  1. Well, here’s one Briton who voted to stay in the EU simply because I’d rather be governed by anyone rather than our out dated mess of a Parliament. JD

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