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There are three things for sure about the “silly woman” jibe by the elderly dwarf Marxist leader of HM’s opposition in the House of Commons.

One thing that is totally indubitable is that the grey haired old commy said “silly woman” to the PM. You don’t even have to be a trained lip reader to know that. Simply watch the incident in slow motion. You can not possibly muddle “woman” with “people” as he claims he said.

Second, Mrs May asked for it. The remark was his response to her pantomime suggestion to Corbyn – with waving arms – to look behind him. Please, please Mr Speaker don’t tell us that the behaviour of either of the protagonists was out of order. The rabble that is our Parliament is seldom in order.

And third, and perhaps most important of all, the whole country now knows that Corbyn is a downright, bare faced, died in the wool liar. And a total idiot to boot.

An idiot? Many MP’s are liars. It comes with the territory, so it is not that much of a shock to learn he is one. It is not lying that has damaged him the most. It is trying to weasel his way out of it when a straight forward, simple apology possibly backed up by joining in the pantomime would have done the trick.

How about something along the lines of:”I’m sorry if I have caused offence, Mr Speaaker, but I was simply pointing out that she is certainly no  Principal Boy.

And, whilst on the subject, why did the Speaker change the description “lip reader” to “lip speaker?  Who knows. Who really cares.







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