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Whatever else they are, the French asylum seekers throwing themselves on the mercy of the British authorities in the English Channel are not our responsibility.

French? Yes. Or Greek. Or Italian. Or any one of the many countries they have crossed in order to get here having spurned the sanctuary they found there.

Indeed, many if not most are not even asylum seekers. They are economic migrants  who will risk hell and high water and invest some of their capital in smuggling gangs in order to enter our country illegally.

So why are our politicians, journalists and others trying to fool the rest of us into believing the people invading our shores are seeking political asylum?

Political Correctness is the answer. The “do gooders” are scared stiff  of articulating the truth because of the stranglehold we have developed into an evil menace to stifle that truth.

Just how many people in the UK do actually believe that we should allow these so-called refugees to come here? No one knows but an intelligent guess is the minority.

Political Correctness puts many of the majority in fear of of contradiction  and criticism if they have the courage to  tell the truth, so they do not speak out.

Ask a middle aged, white, heterosexual English man what he thinks!

That truth is that the hundreds arriving here and the unknown thousands who have already done so illegally are neither asylum seekers nor political refugees.

They are simply job seekers and we have plenty of those due to the devastation of Covid 19. But there are a couple of answers.

Following the tragedy of a Sudanese teenager being washed up dead in France, the French have had the audacity to say we are to blame. They say it is our fault in that we insist that anyone seeking political asylum must do so here.

Let us pay for and set up joint French and British security patrols both on land in France and in the air and at sea in French waters to stop anyone trying to leave France by sea.

Let us set up clearing houses staffed by our immigration people in France to decide whether or not we should allow the increasing flood of people who want to come here to do so.

And, as they are already safe in France  from the persecution they allege they are fleeing in their own countries, and are not therefore in danger, let us refuse them all entry. Let the French deal with what is a French problem.








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