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On the Farming Today programme on BBC Radio 4, at just after 5.45am on Friday the 21st of August,  there was an item on Agricultural  Law featuring a partner with a  firm of solicitors which employs only men.

It sparked off a verbal clash between the programme’s female journalist conducting the interview and the lawyer confirming that such was his firm’s policy. The  Corporations switch board was jammed with complaints from individual woman and women’s organisations throughout the country.

Such sexual discrimination is obviously totally out of order, appalling, outrageous  and indeed illegal. Well, think again.

It was actually a WOMEN not a man proudly boasting that her Cumberland practice does not employ any MEN. The BBC female journalist made no comment at all about this, seemingly going along with it as perfectly acceptable policy. The Corporation’s switchboard was not jammed, if indeed there were any complaints at all.

It was yet another example of how the balance of  law has swung against men in favour of women and the swing gets higher. Legislation is now being considered to allow women alleging rape to give evidence to the court by video camera rather than endure what , to them, is the “intimidating ”  environment of the court itself. In other words, justice being done.

What is almost as shocking as a female lawyer openly admitting a sexual discrimination policy is the fact that the BBC journalist speaking on air to her did not question this.


A Ugandan “political refugee” is found dead in the UK with her starving baby beside her. Nicola Sturgeon immediately blames the Westminster Government and calls on the Home Secretary to act, criticising the UK’s asylum policy.

Why Nicola Sturgeon? Well, the sad death took place in Scotland in a place called Glasgow. But why is the champion of secessionists blaming the Government she despises?

This happened on her patch where she insists only the Scots should hold sway. For Nicola that’s all very well but if it is the proverbial hitting the fan then rather the blame was south of the border down Westminster way than in her birthplace.






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