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Upping the anti

Why do mainstream journalists go along with feminist statements and utterances that are totally wrong and a misuse of the English language?

This acceptance is certainly no help to the vast majority of women including those who justifiably believe in the main principals of legitimate feminism such as votes and equal pay.

One example of this misuse is the word SURVIVOR.

The definition of the word according to the Cambridge English dictionary is, quote: “A noun. A person who continues to live despite nearly dying, eg the sole survivor of a plane crash”.

The  Oxford gives a similar meaning and, until the strident ones saw an opportunity to twist things, that was the interpretation we all understood.

Now, as part of their campaign to have various laws changed in favour of the covens, the word is used to describe the – alleged and otherwise – victims of sexual assaults such as up skirting or bottom patting as “survivors” in order to make the offence appear the more heinous and gain the more punishment for the perpetrator and, of course, the more criminal compensation.

The correct word for someone who suffers a sexual offence – other than in extreme instances such as  rapes where death has been threatened and there is incontestable evidence of this,  is victim. Would the BBC and The Guardian among others please take note






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