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It is not just the good citizens of Tunbridge Wells who find the extraordinary antics of US President Donald Trump to be disgusting.

The American broadcaster Fox News lambasted his behaviour and pronouncements at a press conference in Helsinki which followed his chaotic visit  to the UK (see next story)

Favouring Russian president Putin’s denials of any involvement in the 2016 American election, Trump refuted his own intelligence community’s conclusion that there was interference and he called the official probe by Robert Muller “a disaster for our country” despite 12 Russian intelligence officers having now been indicted.

“Disgusting” was the verdict of Fox reporter Neil Cavuto who was at the conference, a thoroughly positive single word with which this blog fully concurs.

Mr Cavuto’s condemnation was supported by many of his fellow journos at the station which is the more surprising because they are generally accepted as supporters of The Donald.









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