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I wonder how many feminists and their supporters have ever seen what was one of the UK’s  most watched TV series titled “The last of the Summer wine”. It  is about the innocent shenanigans of  a bunch of  middle aged Yorkshire men refusing to get old gracefully and indulging in all sorts of daft but harmless antics.

What is extraordinary about it is that, as innocent as the basic plot is, there is a constant sub-plot portraying a far more controversial  aspect of life. The  men are regularly the victims of verbal abuse and quite often physical violence by some of the women characters.

They are criticised, put down and belittled, have things thrown at them and are hit by whatever weapon comes to hand, from pots and pans to brooms. One is held up to ridicule by being forced to clean outside windows wearing his wife’s pinny. Another is publicly vilified by his wife as he works behind the counter of the family business.

What is the purpose of reminiscing about this world famous soap opera? Perhaps – just perhaps – it throws some light on a situation which has come to the fore during the current Corona Virus. Domestic violence.

It  is written about or gets a mention every day, particularly on the BBC. An Act of Parliament is proposed which will hand out increasingly heavy punishment for offenders. But despite the outpourings, particularly from feminists, there is one question which is never asked.


Could the answer be provocation? The Summer Wine, launched in the early 70’s and still being repeated on some TV channel or other, at one time attracted 18.7 million viewers. Most successful soaps reflect much of real life. Other examples are East Enders and Coronation Street.

Was the huge and ongoing success of Summer Wine because  physical and mental abuse of men by woman was and is going on all around us, and was and still is a fact of life and more and more men are now retaliating?

Feminists will hate the very suggestion that it is often men who are victims. They should remember that provocation is a defence recognised by the courts. Men may start acting contrary to their natural instinct of not wanting it known  they are abused in the home. It is not manly to admit this, but men may start fighting like with like and plead provocation in their defence in court.


.Why the hell are we throwing away £14 billion a year and rising on Oversea Aid when the money is desperately needed at home and now. We should put a stop to it immediately and cancel anything in the pipe line or actually being carried out.


Jogging on  footpaths and elsewhere the public go should be banned. Somebody running past you is expelling their breath at velocity and much more likely to infect you if they’e got V19. In any event, jogging is not nearly as good a way of exercising as  walking and can lead to knee problems and other damage to the body. Recommended is to walk at 120 paces to the minute – or more if you’re a short arse.









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