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All the morons in the world do not live in America as we have been led to believe. This misconception came about when squillions  of them voted in The Donald as President.

Like voted  for like and they voted for someone who, on a scale of 1 to whatever you like, was streets ahead of the rest of them in dead brain cells.

This was reaffirmed when he tried to poison them by suggesting they mainline on disinfectant to ward off Virus 19 and totally confirmed when he then told them if that doesn’t work, then they should try knocking back an anti malaria drug described as potentially toxic by those who say they know..

No –  the good old US of A  does not hive a monopoly over  loonies as it does over poison chickens.. We have  far more  here than we care to admit and they are not all MP’s. They are walking our streets in their droves and they are easily recognised because they can be recognised. They are the vast majority of our population who do not wear face masks

Why the hell has the Government not made it mandatory that masks should be worn, if not outdoors where social distancing can be observed, then certainly where crowds gather in confined spaces such as the London tube?

Our fellow citizens will not wear them voluntarily because they argue that masks are no protection against breathing in the virus. No, they are not. But it is scientifically proven that masks do prevent or greatly reduce the wearer passing on deadly droplets to other people.

Ask yourself why surgeons in  theatre wear masks when operating on patients in the normal way of things. It is to avoid themselves passing on anything likely to affect the patient adversely..


NB. The Donald does not wear a mask, While there  is no record of it that I can find, he is reputed to have said that he does not do so  because that will not stop him getting V19. It will stop him passing it on, he is said to have said,  but he hasn’t got it so to wear one is a waste of time. Waste of time. I rest my case!





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