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From whence  did broadcast journalists get the phrase:”any time soon” as in “do not expect Donald Trump to start speaking English any time soon.”

The phrase is, in a way, meaningless or rather it is used to replace what used to be a single word – “soon.”

Surely, one of the basic  principles of speaking good English is brevity and to use 3 words to replace  1 is absolutely the opposite.

Could it be that  hacks think it is rather clever to use the phrase – like, it is cool, like you know what I mean.

Well, it aint.




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  1. Totally agree with your sentiments but I have to point this out; you yourself have used two words where one will – and should – do! Whence = from where/from what place/from what thing. So you’re saying, “From from where”. I know everyone does it, but they shouldn’t. Other irritations: “the thing is, IS…”, and “…the reason being, IS that…”. So many others – it feels as if a whole generation hasn’t been properly taught English.

    1. Hello Laura. I consider myself well reprimanded. By the way, the (very long) delay in responding to you was because of a technical problem with my system which is now hopefully cured

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