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To use his own upper 6th vernacular – the turd has gone. Done a runner. Buggered orf.

Quite possibly the only good thing that has happened to the Tory party and, indeed, the country during the farce of Brexit, is the fact that boisterous Boris has resigned as Foreign Secretary.

Not only has it removed the shadow of him at best getting our diplomats kicked out of some country where they need to be or at worst sparking off a full scale war somewhere, it means that he has burned his political boat totally.

The chances of him ever becoming Prime Minister or achieving ministerial rank again are now so remote as to be of no further concern.

No one thinks for one moment that he quit for honorable reasons or for the good of the country. He walked out, after a great deal of consideration, for his own positive and personal reasons.

He calculated that such a move would be so highly respected that any bid from him for the top job would be a foregone conclusion. It isn’t on either count.

Boris Johnson can now go back to being the comic of the commons. The blond buffoon has shot his bolt and will never again win the trust of serious minded politicians












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