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Contempt for the electorate by MP’s was very much behind the recent local authority elections results when many voters showed their anger for their Parliamentary representatives by voting for any party other than Labour or Conservatives.

One of the manifestations of this contempt is the ludicrous lengths some MP’s go to in order to hide the fact they want another referendum on Brexit.

Knowing full well that the public has made it clear that, for various reasons, they do not want another referendum, they desperately try to con us by avoiding the actual “R” word.

Instead, they took to calling it a “People’s Vote” or a “Confirmatory Ballot” in the misguided and insulting belief that we will queue at the polling booths as long as it is not another referendum.

Whilst calling it a confirmatory ballot is just slightly less offensive than a peoples vote – since when did these parliamentary jokers believe the opinion of the people is relevant –  no one is fooling anyone.

To misquote The Bard – “A rose by any other name would stink the same”.



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