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Whatever the outcome of the dreadful mess of the parliamentary Brexit debate, and whether or not its actual implementation brings success or disaster, two essential institutions of the United Kingdom will have been terribly damaged. Whether we voted leave or stay in the referendum, our belief in our system of government and our trust and respect for our media has…

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There are three things for sure about the "silly woman" jibe by the elderly dwarf Marxist leader of HM's opposition in the House of Commons. One thing that is totally indubitable is that the grey haired old commy said "silly woman" to the PM. You don't even have to be a trained lip reader to know that. Simply watch the…

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This blog seldom reports on Tunbridge Wells itself as, in the tradition set by its illustrious forebear - the original DoTW - it comments on national and international events. However, the good citizens of the Royal Borough are well and truly disgusted and in truth right royally  pissed off with local council plans to blitz the town's central park and…

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What’s wrong with Auntie?

Ask anyone anywhere on this planet what institutions Britain is famous for, and they are old enough  and or educated enough to understand what institution means and the context in which the question is framed , they will be likely to give three - The Royal Family, a Democratic Parliament, and the BBC. You will probably not even need to…

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There is a sentence at the end of this paragraph. It is in quotes. When you read it, think immediately and without reflection of how you interpret it. Do you think that the person speaking the sentence is telling the truth, part of the truth, or is that person telling a lie. Here we go:"I am 100% sure". So, what…

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Three cheers for Laura Smith! This is the harridan who, on the penultimate day of the Labour Party love in - that would be their annual conference - got to her feet and gave it both blazing red barrels, screeching for a General Strike to get rid of the Tory government. If any one event at the Labour party's yearly…

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The lady and the bitch

When the dust has settled and we are free of those devious, self serving two faced blighters in Brusells and their lackeys - the Presidents and Prime Ministers of member states of the EU - the names of two women will stand out in the aftermath of the chaos of Brexit. One is the most gutsy leader and lover of…

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I have the very greatest respect for the former Chief Rabbi of the UK Lord Jonathan Sachs and I have very little regard at all for the current leader of the Labour party, the weaselly little Marxist  Jeremy Corbyn. If there is any particular difference to draw  between them it is that, like most Jewish people or certainly the ones…

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Another day of shock, horror, wringing of hands and grinding of teeth as yet more statistics about the mental health problems of girls and young women hit the headlines. All sections of the media have picked up on the main statistic of  a survey which has declared that 25% of young females - mainly teenagers - are self harming. The…

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BB does it again

Big Bad Boris is in the sticky stuff again. Writing in the Daily Telegraph, he's described women wearing the burqa as "weird" and "ridiculous" and "looking like letter boxes" or "bank robbers". I personally disagree with him on one point. My image of a bank robber is someone who wears tailored suits and shirts, works in The City, lives in…

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