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I have the very greatest respect for the former Chief Rabbi of the UK Lord Jonathan Sachs and I have very little regard at all for the current leader of the Labour party, the weaselly little Marxist  Jeremy Corbyn. If there is any particular difference to draw  between them it is that, like most Jewish people or certainly the ones…

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Another day of shock, horror, wringing of hands and grinding of teeth as yet more statistics about the mental health problems of girls and young women hit the headlines. All sections of the media have picked up on the main statistic of  a survey which has declared that 25% of young females - mainly teenagers - are self harming. The…

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BB does it again

Big Bad Boris is in the sticky stuff again. Writing in the Daily Telegraph, he's described women wearing the burqa as "weird" and "ridiculous" and "looking like letter boxes" or "bank robbers". I personally disagree with him on one point. My image of a bank robber is someone who wears tailored suits and shirts, works in The City, lives in…

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Tthe British army should be paid far more, even though there has been a recent announcement of a pay rise. Along with prison officers and police, members of the armed services are to get around an extra 2%  which, for a private in the army, will mean about £7 a week. Seven quid, for being permanently on call to go…

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Upping the anti

Why do mainstream journalists go along with feminist statements and utterances that are totally wrong and a misuse of the English language? This acceptance is certainly no help to the vast majority of women including those who justifiably believe in the main principals of legitimate feminism such as votes and equal pay. One example of this misuse is the word…

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It is not just the good citizens of Tunbridge Wells who find the extraordinary antics of US President Donald Trump to be disgusting. The American broadcaster Fox News lambasted his behaviour and pronouncements at a press conference in Helsinki which followed his chaotic visit  to the UK (see next story) Favouring Russian president Putin's denials of any involvement in the…

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It takes a lot to upset the English but messing with the Queen is one of those things that is simply not done. Walking in front of her whilst inspecting  troops would have got a lesser mortal banged up in The Tower but then telling a journalist what she had said over tea? That could get you penal servitude for…

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To use his own upper 6th vernacular - the turd has gone. Done a runner. Buggered orf. Quite possibly the only good thing that has happened to the Tory party and, indeed, the country during the farce of Brexit, is the fact that boisterous Boris has resigned as Foreign Secretary. Not only has it removed the shadow of him at…

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From whence  did broadcast journalists get the phrase:"any time soon" as in "do not expect Donald Trump to start speaking English any time soon." The phrase is, in a way, meaningless or rather it is used to replace what used to be a single word - "soon." Surely, one of the basic  principles of speaking good English is brevity and to use 3 words…

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For those not yet in the know, it stands for a MIDDLE AGED MAN IN LYCRA. Yup, Google it. It is the name for those apparent refugees from a UFO landing who ride around in outlandish gear  on bikes, intent on either  committing suicide overtaking vehicles on the inside, or mowing down innocent civilians on country walks by sneaking up…

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